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„How is it possible that Dantanio Goodman, the Michael Jackson impersonator in the Berlin-based “BEAT IT” show, could have surpassed the original to such an extent?“

Süddeutsche Zeitung

„... the South African lead actor is so like Jackson, it’s almost scary.“


„... fans of the King of Pop certainly get their money's worth in “BEAT IT!...“

n-tv online

„... Dantanio Goodman can keep up (with Michael Jackson) in any pitch.“


„... it almost seems like the greatest entertainer ever has been brought back to life in the show “BEAT IT!”“

Berliner Morgenpost

„... impressive multi-level stage with spectacular lighting and video effects, strong costumes, immaculate five-piece live band ... fast-paced, athletic show dancing...“

Passauer Neue Presse

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„It’s amazing. I feel really emotional. It really moves you, and you feel like Michael Jackson himself is standing there, singing.“

Tina Ruland, 29.08.2018

„ ... it met my expectations to the full. I was blown away. It was as if Michael was back, making every move.“

Wolfgang Baro, 29.08.2018

„ ... I was excited. Very spirited performance, a lot of effort in a positive sense...“

Dieter Hallervorden, 29.08.2018

„... Dantanio really lives it too ... A great show, a true homage...“

Rufus Beck, 29.08.2018

„... not only did I have goosebumps, I felt like he was here with us... A perfect performance...“

Kalle Haverland, 29.08.2018

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„261 dancers achieved the biggest Michael-Jackson-choreography-lesson, by now within an hour. “

Kölner News Journal, 06.09.2018

„... the worldrecord-willing people had a great dance instructor called Detlef Soost, who helped and kept on motivating.“

Märkischer Sonntag, 01.09.2018

„... dancing to Jackson-Hits like "Beat It", "Black or White" and "Thriller", people were doing that to Olaf Kuchenbeckers entire happiness for 5 minutes.“

Märkischer Sonntag, 01.09.2018